Why You Should NEVER Do Hours Of Exercise

Why You Should NEVER Do Hours Of Exercise

Why You Should NEVER Do Hours Of ExerciseLooking to get into better shape and improve your fat loss progress? If so, then chances are good that you’ve started up on a workout program.
You’re motivated.
You’re committed.
And, you’re hitting the gym 6 times a week.
You think you’re right on track to seeing a remarkable transformation unfold right before your very eyes.

But are you really?

One thing that many people don’t realize as they make the decision to start up on a fitness plan is that more is not always better when it comes to workouts.

Do too many and you will actually take away from your progress rather than see more of it. Like many things in life, when it comes to the gym, more is not more.

Here’s why.

Muscle Mass Loss

The first reason too much exercise is problematic is because it can lead to muscle mass loss. Remember while you’re in the gym, you’re breaking your muscle tissues down.

If you don’t give them enough time to repair and recover and then go hit them again, you know what happens?

You get weaker, not stronger.

Do this often enough and you’ll actually lose muscle mass, which then means your metabolism slows down and you are more prone to gaining body fat.

Not quite what you had in mind, is it?

Increased Hunger

The second reason why you should avoid excessive exercise is because it’ll also lead to an increased hunger level. You’ll feel ravenous after each workout and if this then causes you to consume more calories than you normally would, you’ll take away from the benefits that diet has to offer.

Now, if you are using the HCG diet plan, you’ll fortunately be calming hunger quite well because of the nature of that diet. But go adding too much exercise and you may experience a different scenario.

Loss of Motivation

Sure, you’re motivated now. You’re on the ‘new program high’ that most people who first start exercising experience.

But give it two weeks. If you start to feel like you spend more time at the gym than you do with your kids or significant other, that motivation to keep going at this rate may decline – in fact, you may despise the gym entirely.

And if that happens, you risk falling off the bandwagon and then you really won’t be seeing any results.

Someone who hits the gym 3 times a week is always going to come out ahead than someone who goes 6 days in a row and then misses 10 days because of burnout.

So there you have the key points to know about why more exercise is not better. Be smart.

Work hard in the gym, keeping the intensity high, but know when to rest. That is the route to success.