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Dr. Brian Darrow

Dr. Brian Darrow


38 Pounds Lost in 40 Days!
The Weight Loss Injection Diet worked for my wife and I like nothing else we’d ever done!
Over the last twelve years I gained 90 pounds, ballooning up to 300 pounds on my 6’ 1” frame. My blood pressure was up, my energy level was down and with Type II diabetes prevalent in my family history I knew I had to lose the extra weight. I began a conscious effort six months prior to starting the Weight Loss Injection diet to get the weight off. This included reducing the junk food I consumed and doing some walking, but in those six months I only lost 13 pounds and was getting discouraged.
Dr. Oxenrider explained the Weight Loss Injection Diet and it’s benefits during my office visit in March and I was anxious to get started right away. Forty days later (May 15, 2014) I’ve lost 38 pounds, from 287 down to 249, my blood pressure is 130/80, my energy level is way up and my old 46 inch waist is now 41inches! My wife’s results were just as astonishing. She’s lost 24 pounds and looks amazing!
We ate around 500 calories per day without experiencing any significant hunger, cravings or weakness. The diet required strict adherence to the approved foods but this truly wasn’t difficult and the weight came off so steadily that the austerity of the diet wasn’t even given a second thought.
We wanted to avoid using any cooking oils so my wife dug out a little “George Foreman Grill” from the back of the cupboard. This proved indispensable in simplifying meal preparation. We grilled chicken breast in 4 minutes and steaks in 6 minutes while we steamed vegetables, cut lettuce or sliced tomatoes for our lunches and dinners. We found it easy to forego breakfast and just have an apple mid-morning. Midafternoon we had 2 Melba rounds and each evening we alternated between a strawberry “smoothie” or ½ grapefruit.
We had three big family events to attend being held at restaurants during the 40 days. We easily navigated these by ordering a small grilled steak to split and either steamed green beans or broccoli. In this way we were able to join in with the celebration and not break the diet.
I went for a 35 minute walk about three times per week and occasionally did some yard work but avoided any strenuous exercise regime as recommended by Dr. Oxenrider. I’d like to loose 50 pounds more and will start a second 40 day diet protocol in June after the requisite 6 week break.
I’ve got a whole new outlook and at age 57 feeling very optimistic about the future! Thank you Dr. Oxenrider from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share this Weight Loss Injection diet with me.
Brian A. Darrow, D.C.
Lebanon, IN

Deb L.

I had pretty much tried every other kind of diet, and I was already feeling a lot of pain, and so by the time I started the diet, I was wondering if I was going to end up in a wheelchair.

I would recommend the My Bio Doctors program especially if you have tried everything else, and you just can’t seem to get anywhere with it. I was at the point of pretty much just giving up on anything, and I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life and that I would probably end up in the wheelchair because

I just couldn’t walk with my leg and my back the way they were. It was that whole perpetual downhill slide of you can’t move, so you can’t lose weight. This worked! I really appreciate the fact that the My Bio Doctors were looking at all the aspects. It is that whole person thing and always before it was just about the diet.

Deb L.
Special Needs Teacher / Administrator

Deb L.Special Needs Teacher/Adminstratorhttp://

I have lost a lot of weight around my midsection. My cholesterol is down from like the upper 230’s to 194. I have lost 30 pounds. Definitely overall, I have more energy and feel better. I definitely look better.

MattSecurity Expert
Melinda D.

I am excited to have found the one thing that has worked at shedding weight, and has taught me a lot about my body and how to stay in tune with it!

Melinda D.Healthcare Research
Joe S.

It was a lot easier than I thought. I was a little worried about it at first, but I went through it, and I would have no problem doing it again. It was very easy and it was nice to reestablish some better health and eating habits.

I have lost 35 pounds.

Joe S.Technica Advisor

If I look back, I can blame my genetics far more for my weight than my eating habits. That is one of the most frustrating things I think anybody can deal with. For many years I did triathlons and was a competitive swimmer and coach. I even taught aerobics classes and pool therapy classes 6 times a week. At that time in my life, I was extremely fit and healthy! But as my medical career progressed and life got busy, I didn’t have time (as most of us don’t) to be exercising as much as I was! It really wasn’t long before the weight started to pile on. I didn’t change my mostly pescatarian (where the only meat I ate was fish) diet, I still ate healthy. And I still worked out at least 3 times a week. But the weight continued to add up. A few times during my weight gains, I would get to the point where I needed to DO something about it! I would get up every morning, dedicated as ever and I took 2-3 one-hour workout classes, then go to work all day, and come home and have to cram everything else I had to do in. My 3 hour workouts….worked! For awhile… I was usually able to lose 10-15 pounds but nothing more than that. The routine wasn’t healthy and it wasn’t realistic to do long-term. It was pretty desperate and insane if I really look back on it. Eventually my work schedule changed so I could only workout 30-60 minutes about 3 days a week, and the 10-15 pounds I had lost came back…and brought a few of their friends too! I went through diet pills that would make my heart race and keep me up at night. I did starvation diets, I did fad diets…..I did it all! Temporary losses, at huge time and money expense. A few years later…The ex-swim coach / triathlete is now 213 pounds. For my 5’6’’ height, I am well into the obese category. This is a huge departure from where I was. If you met me, you would say I’ve got curves, or that I look good with what I’ve got….but really…the reality is I am 70 pounds overweight. My height calls healthy weight between 117 and 143. So even on the HIGHEST end of the weight spectrum…I am 70 pounds overweight!!! When did that happen, why did it happen…HOW could it have happened? I don’t eat fast food, I haven’t had a potato chip in more than 10 years. And I’m not a fan of candy bars….I eat Salmon on a bed of spinach like 4 times a week! All the sudden…the “curves” that I have grown to “love” were looking me right in the face….this is FAT, it’s not cute, it’s not sexy, it’s not ME! Not everyone can train for triathlons, not everyone is a swimmer by nature, not everyone is an aerobics teacher. In fact, those positions and abilities are less than 10% of the entire world. And that was then….now looking into my future, when I graduate next year, who will take my health advice from a nurse practitioner who is almost 100 pounds overweight!?! (Yes, women think this way….70 is much closer to 100 than 20!) I’m not eligible for weight loss surgery until I’m 100 pounds overweight….how ridiculous and unhealthy would it be for me to gain another 30 pounds to make that happen?!? But I ACTUALLY thought of it as a viable option! Until I found the My Bio Doctors Weight Loss Injection diet, I have struggled to find something that works with MY life and MY schedule and not some fad or gimmick that I have to revolve my life around. This diet has had the LEAST amount of impact on my normal life and routines, and has produced unexpected, AMAZING results! The Weight Loss Injection journey has been one of the easiest…and hardest things I have ever done! But bottom line…It doesn’t suck as much as I thought it was going to! When I had the opportunity to try Weight Loss Injections, I jumped at it! Why not…I’ve tried everything else. I did Internet research and watched videos, and a few things were consistent in every video I watched and every article I read….1. People lost weight 2. The people were happy about it, and felt very strongly about it. Gratefully….I have become one of those people! I have now been on Weight Loss Injections for 40 days and have lost 31 pounds. At first I could totally tell in the way my clothes were fitting, but what I really wanted and expected was for it to LOOK like I had lost 70. I am quickly finding out that 31 of 70 doesn’t look like 50 of 70 or 60 of 70. I wanted the supermodel/swimmer body to come out of those 31 pounds! But….it just forced more honesty on me….I had a LOT more to lose than I thought I did! But this time, it’s different…It feels so much more attainable and as the inches and pounds have fallen off and stayed off, I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I can do this….and it hasn’t been half as bad as I thought it would! The first day of loading was FUN! I actually went to a buffet and ate my heart out! I ate things I hadn’t ever eaten, and ate things I hadn’t eaten in years! I think that had a lot to do with the way I felt DAY 2…Day 2 was supposed to be a “loading” day as well. But honestly….I couldn’t do it! Here I had a free pass to eat and load and sit and eat a box of donuts if I wanted to….but I couldn’t!!! I wasn’t hungry, I was completely satisfied, and when I forced myself to eat more because the diet protocol told me to…it didn’t feel right. OH MY GOODNESS…could this stuff be working? Already?!? Sure enough, since day 2…I have felt the same for most days! Since day 2, I have learned more about my body in 40 days than I have in 30 years! But best of all…I am not starving, and I am not low energy, and the weight keeps coming off! There have been days I have cheated, and it didn’t feel great. I have had a lot of fun “playing” with the diet protocol and seeing what works for me, and what doesn’t. I even had a weeklong stall where I actually gained 4 pounds! But then after I made the proper adjustments and forced a “steak day”…it WORKED! 6 pounds came off over the next 3 days so I was back on track! So really…If you do the math…because I didn’t lose anything for 7 days (in fact I gained)….If you subtract those 7 days…I lost 22 pounds in 20 days! Most women lose between one half to a pound a day…I thought for sure I would be on the low end of that spectrum…but I’m not!!! What I thought was a setback, turned out to put me ahead! The easiest thing has been losing the weight, the hard parts come in when you have to say no to things– to follow the protocol. But honestly…by CHEATING, I found out how it adversely affected the way I felt, and the way it affected my weight loss streak! It only took one or two cheats for me to gain the willpower and want to not cheat anymore! I can’t explain it…but it just doesn’t feel right. Some tiny cheats feel like I have eaten a Thanksgiving feast! Not being hungry makes the ONE hard part…(saying no to things) so much easier!!! Eventually it just becomes routine. In fact, I wish there wasn’t a waiting period in-between rounds! I’m ready! But I trust the protocol…because everything I have tried as trial and error…the protocol has always been right! I will never understand why this isn’t a worldwide phenomenon that everyone is doing! I look forward to the rest of the journey, and I am excited to have found the one thing that has worked at shedding weight, and has taught me a lot about my body and how to stay in tune with it!
Melinda D.